The Subconscious Mind

Following up on the epilogue of my previous post, I will be talking about the human mind in this one. As I mentioned
before, our mind is one of the biggest mysteries known to mankind. What happens inside is unknown to us. All we know is
that it controls our every action and inaction. In our mind, we are free. We can jump from one place to another in a
matter of milliseconds. Our mind wanders off to such places at times that we begin to wonder how we got there. That is the
power of the mind. To see and feel things, at the comfort of our living room couch.

What I’m more interested in is what happens to the mind when we lack consciousness, or in other words, when we fall
asleep. It is said that we all dream, but not everyone recalls what we see. Some interesting phenomena related to the
subconscious are lucid dreaming and sleep paralysis. Let us look at these in a bit more detail.

Lucid dreaming is the state in which you are aware that you are in a dream. This sudden realization will give you full
control over your dream, to spawn battleships or become a superhero, letting your imagination soar. It is not something
that can be achieved in a few days’ practice though. You can read about the various methods and practices to induce lucid
dreaming on the internet. So give it a whirl.

Sleep paralysis is a condition that most of us would have experienced atleast once in our lifetime. It usually occurs when
we are falling asleep or when we are waking up from a deep sleep. Your mind wakes up, but your body does not – rendering
you motionless and unable to respond to the various things going on around you. This might freak the hell out of most
people because you feel helpless in such a situation. We wake up exactly where we fall asleep, on the same bed, only able
to look around with our eyes, unable to move a muscle. You may see things you aren’t supposed to see, hear things you
aren’t supposed to hear and even experience being touched by entities unknown to us. This is the most scary part of sleep
paralysis. When we wake up from this state, we realize it was not real. But when we are experiencing it, nothing seems
more real.


One thought on “The Subconscious Mind

  1. Interesting thoughts. I thought ‘parallel universes and dreams’ was excellent. About lucid dreaming, I’ve had no previous training, but somehow I can control my dreams. Did a little research a while back and it seems, sometimes, practice may be enough. But, again, bravo.. keep this going.

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