Next Stage of Human Evolution

I think the next stage of human evolution would be one without legs. As funny as it may sound, it’s not so far-fetched. Think about it. What do we use our legs for? Walking. Simple. But advancements in technology are making us do anything but. We no longer “go shopping”. We just shop at the […]

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The Subconscious Mind

Following up on the epilogue of my previous post, I will be talking about the human mind in this one. As I mentioned before, our mind is one of the biggest mysteries known to mankind. What happens inside is unknown to us. All we know is that it controls our every action and inaction. In […]

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Parallel Universes and Dreams

The existence of parallel universes has not been proven yet. This does not mean that they do not exist. Its implications would be that there are other versions of us living a full life, like us, in other universes. Assuming there exists an infinite number of such parallel universes, there would be an infinite number […]

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